Recognized as a way to combat negative behavior, the benefits of arts education within the community have been documented through many sources. Harvard’s Project Zero study analyzed 188 reports related to academic improvement and the Association for the Advancement of Arts claims to have found nearly 400 studies that support arts education as a way to support young people. The measured outcomes generally fall into one of two categories: prosocial or positive development and academic achievement.

Many of the indicators of prosocial development include: better discipline, increased self-esteem, reduced truancy, better relations with adults, more hope for the future, increased motivation, more positive peer associations, less interest in drugs, more resistance to peer pressure, and reduced criminal activity.

Therefore, Bi-Habawalk will target the young people in the community, through these programs, giving them a chance to express their inner selves and provide opportunities to develop socially and mentally.


We aim to prevent these children and young adults from engaging in negative behaviors such as substance abuse, teen pregnancy, dropping out of school, and violence.



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