We facilitate the well being of economically disadvantaged young people. Our aim is to enrich the lives of young people and in so doing strengthen communities. It is a vision to which we are committed heart and soul. Through mentoring and inspiring programs, we seek to teach skills and instill realistic hope.


Our vision is to partner with agencies and donors to transform the life path of struggling youth in cities through mentoring and a range of dynamic programs.

An ultimate goal is to enable participants to provide for themselves and lead rich, socially productive lives, thus reducing poverty and enhancing the quality of life for all community residents.

Bi-Habawalk, Inc has unique artistic cultural activities and programs designed to counter the negative effects of over-assertiveness, while conversely, encouraging the introvert to become more outgoing and optimally assertive.

When it comes to a person’s development, we recognize the arts as playing a crucial role. Through music, dance, drama, and the visual arts, people gain personal expression. But that is just the beginning. The arts are vital to developing teamwork, group and individual responsibility, confidence and self-worth, and community pride. The arts are an excellent way to teach the appreciation of cultural diversity. They enable people to see the human commonalities that connect us all. We help the young to set their sights on true success.